Won the Lotto

Lotto Winners “First CALL”!

Our mission:

To ensure Lotto Winners get off to a safe journey.

Additional immediate Steps:

#1. SELFIE VIDEO! Take a thorough SELFIE VIDEO and pics of yourself with the winning ticket and email the video to yourself as record. SIGN THE BACK OF TICKET, possibly IN THE NAME OF A BLIND TRUST or ENTITY (if your state permits) and set up AHEAD OF CLAIMING. SECURE THE TICKET IN SAFE KEEPING such a safe deposit box.

#2. STAY ANONYMOUS!!!!!!!!! You must protect yourself and your family. Stay anonymous at all cost and hire security if your identity gets out. You may have to take extra precautionary steps to remove yourself and your family from your residence. Lottery winners are targets of identity theft, fraudsters, and even ransom.

#3. Consult with “Fiduciary” Financial Sudden Wealth Experts such as Windfall Advisors and keep your anonymity. Take enough time to catch your breath and allow yourself time to process the life changing event. Educating, empowering and protecting you is our sincere all out efforts and mission for you and your family.

Won the lotto and don’t know what to do first?

Windfall Advisors is the “first call” Lotto Winners make. By your side, you have an on call tenured silent financial fiduciary with a tenured track record in protecting individuals with this unique situation.

A sound team of experts to help make sound financial and practical decision making that will impact you and generations to follow.

Frequently asked questions

How much time do you have to claim a winning Powerball or MegaMillions ticket?
How do you claim a winning Powerball or Mega Millions Ticket?

It’s recommended that jackpot winners of Powerball and MegaMillions go in person to their states physical lotto headquarters or nearest state official branch to start your claim. Most states also allow you to start your claim process on the states official lotto website.

How long does it take to receive my winnings?

Each state has different processing times. California claim processing time to certify the winner and receive funds for example are between 6-8 weeks according to state officials and www.calottery.com

Can a lottery winner remain anonymous?

Every jurisdiction has its own law on winners remaining anonymous. Some states or jurisdictions are required by law to provide the winner's name, city of residence, game won and prize amount to any third party that requests the information. Some jurisdictions allow winners to claim a prize as a trust or other legal entity thus allowing some anonymity from public disclosure of their information.



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