What now?

You’ve just received or about to receive a substantial inheritance.

An inheritance can be unexpected and overwhelming. You may be experiencing many different emotions right now such as shock, grieving over the loss of a loved one, gilt, or being overwhelmed dealing with immediate estate maters such as legal trust documents, property, taxes, and siblings or family matters.

If you’re in a strong and prolonged emotional state, it’s critical to simply take a pause and hold off on making any major financial decisions.

Contacting a financial expert familiar with sudden financial windfalls can help minimize some of the stress and anxiety you may be having.

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Frequently asked questions

How should I handle an inheritance involving real estate assets?

Depending on your goals, consider options like a sale-leaseback to retain real estate assets and income or deferring capital gains tax through a 1031 exchange. Consult Windfall Advisors to discuss the complexities of taxes and structure a deal that optimizes tax liability.

Why is diversification important after receiving an inheritance?

If most of your net worth is tied to the inherited assets, diversifying from your largest asset can reduce risk exposure, free up liquidity, and open up new investment opportunities. Bringing on Windfall Advisors can offer prudent asset allocation and risk mitigation.

How can I plan for the post-inheritance phase of my life?

Consult with a us in advance to discuss wealth goals and post-inheritance life plans. Thoroughly plan and consider factors like market timing, interest rates, economic conditions, and personal situations to ensure a well-thought-out vision for the post-inheritance period.

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