We’re a Registered Investment Advisory firm specializing in advising and managing sudden wealth assets for recipients across the country. For over a decade, we’ve been protecting, planning, and growing financial windfalls into lasting legacy’s. (Advising on investment portfolios to commercial & residential real estate to business legacy & estate planning.)

What we stand for


The benefits of fee-only include transparency, no hidden charges, and no conflicts of interest to sell a certain product line or company offering.


We have a legal obligation to always put the interests of our clients first.


Over a decade in practice without a single disciplinary action or client complaint.


Windfall Advisors leverages Charles Schwab’s strength, security, technology and backend support as custodian for client accounts.  Windfall Advisors Financial Planning is supported and backed by eMoney Financial Planning Group 12 CFP’s on staff.

Founder & CEO

Daniel Scott Johnson, CEPA®

From humble beginnings to being responsible for helping managing over a billion dollars in assets with his team at Merrill Lynch. Over 20 years in investment and portfolio management, Daniel has been a top financial advisor serving individuals and families with their wealth management needs. After a six year stint as a commercial real estate broker in the St. Louis market, he expanded on his real estate expertise to advise his client not only on real estate but on the global markets. He joined Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and quickly worked his way up to become a top financial advisor in Los Angeles. Daniels gift in investments and financial planning was quickly solidified when starting out in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis at Merrill Lynch he rose to Vice President Financial Advisor. In 2016 Morgan Stanley Wealth Management recognized Daniel as a Rising Star.

Daniel proudly carries a perfect regulatory record throughout his career with zero client complaints. He is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA®), holds FINRA’s (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) Securities Licenses Series 7 General Securities Representative, Series 66 Uniform Combined State Law, California Real Estate License and obtained the CRPC designation (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) from the College of Financial Planning in 2013, inactive. He was an Academic All American (GOLF) while graduating Southeast Missouri State and successfully completed Executive Education for Investment Strategies and Macroeconomics from Columbia Business School in 2022.

Daniel owes his positive perception and love for life to his late brother who had special needs. He is exceptionally empathic and has a soft spot for families overcoming loss, disabilities and divorce. 

Daniel has served on the Board of Directors for United Cerebral Palsy Wheels of LA Division and Malibu Chamber of Commerce.

Frequently asked questions

Satisfaction Guaranteed?

We pride ourself on our reputation and track record. Since entering wealth management industry over a decade ago, our founder Daniel Scott Johnson nor Windfall Advisors has had a client complaint or regulatory ding. We feel at any point if you’re not happy or feel we aren’t or haven’t provided value to you we will reimburse the last quarterly fee or consultation fee no questions asked. Please see our Satisfaction Guarantee.

FDIC Insurance & SIPC® protected?

Yes! Your investments accounts will be FDIC Insured and SIPC® protected through our custodian partners Charles Schwab Inc.

What about Cyber Security?

Our client accounts are held with Charles Schwab Inc. and give us the highest level of confidence. Charles Schwab will cover 100% of any losses in any of your Schwab accounts due to unauthorized activity.

100% Schwab Guarantee

Can I be a Windfall Advisor client if I reside outside the United States?

Yes for Financial Consultation & Coaching.

No for Investment Management clients. You must have a residence or visa in the United States.

Can I seek advice from Windfall Advisors even if my financial windfall hasn't happened yet?

Absolutely! We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to get ahead and plan for what is to come. Arming yourself with knowledge and our team to avoid costly pitfalls.

Can I consult with Windfall Advisors for a 2nd opinion on my current investments and/or financial situation?

You don’t have to have a financial windfall event to consult with us. We’re happy to provide a professional 2nd opinion on your current investments and financial situation. If you find us to be a good fit, we would be honored to win your business.

Our Pricing?

Have your very own Fee - Only, Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor on call. Please see our Pricing.

Why should my first call be to Windfall Advisors?

Windfall Advisors is best qualified to be your financial professional for several reasons, including over two decades of seasoned leadership, being fully licensed and regulated, acting as fiduciaries, offering fee-based services, and having a perfect regulatory record. Their team provides comprehensive wealth management, financial consultation, and estate planning tailored to sudden wealth recipients.

How should I manage my estate and myself after receiving a windfall?

After receiving a sudden financial windfall, it's best to take a few weeks or months to let things settle down, let emotions stabilize, and gain a clear-eyed view of the new financial terrain ahead. Avoid rushing major decisions, such as quitting your job or selling your business. Prudent and diligent financial planning, with the help of professionals, is crucial.



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