Sale of Business or Property


I’m selling a piece of commercial or residential real estate. Should I do a 1031 and delay my capital gains tax liability or should I pocket some cash and invest the rest. What are the possible risk and returns for each?

The financial impact of such questions will are likely to be substantial. Consulting with a financial expert experienced with substantial business and real estate sales as soon as possible is critical and can pay huge dividends for your financial future.

I’m selling my business, is there a way to structure the sale to minimize my tax exposure? How do I maximize the proceeds? How do I best protect my assets and estate from here?

If you’re in a strong and prolonged emotional state, it’s critical to simply take a pause and hold off on making any major financial decisions.

Contacting a financial expert familiar with sudden financial windfalls can help minimize some of the stress and anxiety you may be having.

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Frequently asked questions

What considerations should I keep in mind when selling my business or property?

It's crucial to assess whether to include real estate in the deal, possibly through a sale-leaseback to retain assets and income. Explore tax optimization strategies like deferring capital gains with a 1031 exchange. 

How can I determine the value of my business before selling?

Knowing your business's worth is vital. Evaluate the multiples of similar businesses in your micro sector and understand where your business stands on a multiple scale. Assess the difference between net profit (tax number) and Recasted EBITDA (real number) to optimize your position in the sale.

What are the tax implications of selling a business or property?

The tax landscape for business sales is intricate. Engage in discussions with Windfall Advisors to explore potential structures that optimize your tax liability, such as considering an ESOP, which can be more tax-favorable than other options.



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